Marketing Dashboard

Track Your Marketing Performance

Our Marketing Dashboard can significantly enhance your business and marketing strategies. With this system, you can easily track the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns and activities, leading to more effective strategies and improved results. Sign up for a Demo and take control over your business.

Marketing Dashboard

Executive Level Visibility in Real Time

What Is Marketing Dashboard?

Marketing dashboard includes cutting-edge call-tracking software, which provides an invaluable resource for any business looking to make the most of its marketing efforts. Our software adds intelligence to any existing phone system, no matter how old, and gives you valuable insight into where your calls are coming from and how they perform. 

Our Dashboard Features

Enhanced Call Recording

Record every incoming call from your tracking numbers which are assigned to your marketing channels like, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, direct and organic traffic.

Call Classification

Calls will be classified and rated, so you will know the outcome of every call and how your team handled the call with your customer or your prospect.

Monthly Reporting

You will receive a monthly report which summarize the outcome of every. Also, you will have access to the Marketing Dashboard and can see your results in real time.

Why You Need Marketing Dashboard For Your Business?

Through the power of AI technology, our enhanced caller ID can quickly identify which call tracking number and marketing campaign influenced the call. The software also compares the incoming number to your existing client list to determine if the call is a new lead or a current customer.

It is also a powerful way to determine which marketing effort produces customer inquiries and involves assigning a different phone number to each marketing campaign. When a customer follows the ad to your website, our technology dynamically inserts the call tracking number connected to the marketing ad into the website. Therefore ensuring the correct number is referenced by the customer calls.

Our enhanced call recording allows you to listen to calls live, read the call or review a call recording. Monitoring your incoming calls will enable you to identify why callers are not converting to customers, discover conversations that a call script would have better supported, and highlight training opportunities. Through the marketing metrics in our Marketing Dashboard, you can quickly identify which calls did not convert and require review – saving you precious time by eliminating the need to review all calls.

You are the expert in your line of business, allow our dashboard to help you make the correct marketing decisions for your business. Backed by a team of software engineers, the power of AI technology, and our marketing experience – this dashboard will help you elevate your New Lead potential.

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